We work towards the growth of your business, exposing your brand to your target audience and communicating the benefits of your brand.


Where does the name come from?

The Red Mark brand is about standing out and being noticed


Here at Red Mark Marketing agency, we work with small to medium sized businesses to expose them to a wider audience.


We think smart and we strive for excellence. We'll keep you in the loop so you understand what we have done and why it's important.


Creative Concepts

This stage is the thinking stage. Where creative ideas flow and where we establish what is best for your business. In this stage we will create your marketing strategy […]

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Design Solutions

Red Mark Marketing offers all types of design solutions. Depending of what your business needs, we can organise logos, […]

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Digital Marketing

We understand the diverse aspects of digital media and use several methods to analyse the marketing campaign. We concentrate mainly […]

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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is anything customers will receive directly, common examples are fliers, catalogues, newsletters and emails. We’ll provide any type […]

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Web Development

Depending on your needs, we can create, design and develop any or all types of websites from a simple template based website to a custom CMS website. […]

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Media Planning

We will recommend a media plan that we think will most benefit your campaign. This could mean TV, radio, newspapers, […]

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Media Production

We will make sure you get your message across and get noticed with a video or audio representing your company. We will create, design and develop your ad for your target […]

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Employer Branding

We provide a service called employer branding, where we advertise for new members of your staff. We will make sure […]

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Market Research

Red Mark Marketing will do extensive research of your market. This provides us with the information to identify the market […]

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If your business requires promotions or promotional staff, trust Red Mark Marketing. We can provide exceptional staff, male or female, […]

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Red Mark Marketing is based in Perth, Western Australia. If you’re in Perth we will come to you and discuss what we can do for your business. We also provide creative, design, branding and marketing solutions for clients all over Australia, and we can arrange a consultation over Skype or the phone. Fill out our contact form and let’s have a real conversation.

Red Mark Marketing:

Telephone: 0437 488 107