Offer ends at the end of the financial year 15/16

• Once-of invoice before the next of financial year • $600 per month advertising budget • Up to 5 campaigns • 50 targeted keywords • AdWords Expert Setup • Monthly report
• Weekly management • In-Depth Keyword Research • Competition Evaluation • Unlimited Keyword changes • Marketing Advice • Saving of over $3500

Top 5 benefits of Google AdWords

• Google AdWords is an internet advertising method that has been used for 15 years. Thousands of businesses have created effective advertising campaigns, generated revenue, and sold a number of products and services through the power of optimised searching. Although AdWords is not new, many people are still unaware of it, and the advantages that this system can bring to their businesses. • Analyse your campaign With Google AdWords, you can measure when you are generating your returns, in relation to your ads. If you allow constant optimisation of your campaigns, you get even better results. • Pay per click One of the fastest ways to draw more potential customers to your website is pay per click (PPC) advertising. With AdWords you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. It is defined simply as the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked. • Maximum relevance Unlike other types of advertising, such as banners, you pay only when people want to see your ad. You can choose which keywords you want your ad copy to have, and the more relevant your ad is to searches, the better the results you will achieve with your campaign, as the click-through rate will be high. • Everyone can afford it The high-flyers with the big bucks don’t necessarily get all the main space with Google AdWords. The advertiser who presents the most relevant ad keywords to the audience’s searches, is the one who gets the best positions and the most hits. • Speed You can have your first visitors and buyers sometimes within hours. You can create campaigns and ads so that readers can view them quickly without having to wait days for approvals.

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