Why your logo really is important to your business…

A brand without a logo is like a person without a face.

Your logo is your identity. It reflects everything that your brand stands for and who your brand is. Without it, your brand may cease to exist.

So today, we will discuss 4 main reasons why your logo is important to your brand:

Your logo defines your identity

Your logo becomes a huge part of how people remember your brand and what associations they hold toward it. In a world that is saturated with thousands of logos, it is crucial that your logo is unique enough to stand out from the crowd and sends a specific message about what your brand represents.

Your company and its market offerings should determine the type of logo design you select. Aspects such as colour, boldness and symbolism influence the way your brand will be perceived. For example, whilst a marketing company may go for a bolder design to signal aggressiveness, an insurance company may choose a softer design that signals reliability and trustworthiness.

Your logo builds customer trust

Even after your brand image has been established, your logo continues to act as a reminder for customers of your brand’s value. As we know, familiarity and repetition are some of the most important crucial aspects of marketing. The more you have your logo out there for people to see, the more trusting people will become toward your brand’s credibility.

Your logo is your most powerful marketing tool

A logo is by far the most powerful marketing tool you can use. It acts as a memory trigger and mental shortcut for your consumers. Studies have shown that images imprint on the minds of viewers far more than words do. Just think of Nike for example: almost anywhere you go in the world, people will recognise its logo and the brand it stands for.

Your logo represents ownership

Your logo is your brand’s signature, meaning that you have legal right and ownership over it, and that it is safeguarded against fakes and copies. This becomes of crucial importance particularly when forgers attempt to hijack a brand’s success.

-So devote time and thought into selecting the RIGHT logo for your brand and you will see how well it pays off!

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