our name
The Red Mark Marketing name is about standing out against everything else. In a grey cityscape, they colour you’re drawn to first is always red, and it’s this philosophy that stands behind our name and informs our business model. We strive to be noticed by everyone who may pass our billboards or glance over our advertisements. A red mark is the first thing that catches your eye, and we aim to get your attention the first time, every time.

The colour red is one of the three primary colours, and it’s thought to be the colour that most provokes a response in humans. It’s a warm colour, it induces a passionate response. It’s the colour of love. It’s the colour used in most urgent traffic signs because it’s the most visible colour in daylight. Red is used to draw attention to things making them appear stronger and brighter.

With these key elements in mind, you can be assured that we focus our business on making every advertisement in alignment with this ethos, and with these elements informing our campaigns. We aim to be prominent and noticed, and this is the idea behind the Red Mark name.