Tracc Civil




Creative Concepts – Brand Development – Design Solutions

Initially when Tracc Civil approached us, they required a new video, new website and new banners. During the Creative stages, we noticed their branding needed work. We explained our findings to Tracc Civil management and they allowed us to present our ideas.

The team at Red Mark Marketing concentrated on the logo first which was very outdated. We put together a few designs that wouldn’t go too far away from the original logo but would be more mature and have a better representation of the company.

The branding concept was based on the logo and we believed it was very easily recognisable. Tracc Civil management was presented with the new logo and branding concept and loved it.

We explained how the branding would now be across all the designs including website, banners and other promotional material so the Tracc Civil management requested new business cards for their whole team. The business cards were designed and printed inclusive of UV to liven the brand up. Red Mark Marketing also organised delivery of all printing and promotional material

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